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My name is Marissa and I am the creator of Metta Cultura. The idea of this blog came after watching a movie and wondering what the food they ate taste like and so I made it. It wasn’t until I started watching Asian dramas that I really wanted to create more. I decided that I should share this experience with other, so they can experience it too.

Metta Cultura is a blog about exploring different cultures through television, movies, video, and literature. This blog is dedicated to make the books, movies, and shows you watch more interactive and entertaining by creating activities, writing reviews, sharing recipes, and experiencing new things. Every month a show and/or movie and/or book will be hosted and the blog posts will correspond with that.

You can start by checking out the lists of shows/book/movies by country that have been done here.

Or if you prefer, the list by by format.


More about me:

  • B.A. in Elementary Education
  • Married with 2 children.
  • Enjoy learning languages and dancing in my free time

Contact: mettacultura@gmail.com

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